Qualifications Summary

  • Senior-level hands-on UX designer with experience across all common form factors.
  • Passionate end-user advocate. Expert practitioner of User-Centered Design; delivers solutions that combine clean architecture and great UI/UX.
  • Proficient content/information architect with years of experience in organizing information for mobile, Web and print; equally adept in interaction and IA design.
  • Highly skilled in wire-framing and prototyping concepts.
  • Conducts and/or assists with User Research and data mining efforts to land on the right solution.
  • Well-versed in Agile Software Development.
  • Very strong relationship-building and cross-team collaboration skills; adept at driving consensus.
  • Demonstrates proven ability to manage projects; works independently with minimal direction; highly-developed interpersonal and communications skills.
  • Proven strategic planning and execution of projects and product concepts.


Work History

UX Designer/Consultant, Accenture (Contract)                                                                                               11/15-2/18

  • Designed phone & tablet apps for public pension recipients, enabling the conversion of archaic paper- and web-based retirement systems to sleek, user-friendly digital solutions
  • Created clickable Axure prototypes as proof of concepts to pitch to State & municipal government agencies
  • Single-handedly delivered V1 of the State of Michigan’s mobile retirement app; worked onsite with the client to assist with project planning and to give design presentations
  • Worked closely and built relationship with all team members, including Account Managers, Engineering Managers, and Development team
  • Delivered all Information Architecture, wireframes, visual designs, and functional specifications for multiple projects


UX Designer/Consultant, Base2 Solutions (Freelance)                                                                                 09/13-4/15       

  • Designed IA, interactions, and visual designs for medical-related, data-heavy intranet site
  • Wrote functional specs and worked closely with developers throughout entire process
  • Designed biotech-focused logistics Web app


UX & Visual Designer, Filter Digital /INRIX (Freelance                                                                                  11/13-6/14

  • Create photorealistic UX/visual designs that illustrated in-dash auto experiences
  • Demonstrated deep integration of GPS navigation, personal contacts, scheduling/calendar management, mobile communications and auto maintenance in one streamlined in-dash system
  • Worked closely with client to execute his vision, and with prototyping specialist


UX Designer/Consultant, Avanade                                                                                                                      04/15-07/15

  • Conducted user interviews and other research activities
  • Summarized & delivered all research, as well as initial design recommendations
  • Created wireframes for various collaboration-focused websites and apps


Sr. UX/UI Designer, Yoh (Contract)                                                                                                                        01/14-03/15

  • Redesigning existing AT&T Enterprise Marketing Website experiences
  • Designing new web pages, assets, diagrams, page templates and interactions
  • Designed new Internet of Things page, including all photo editing, layout & interaction


Sr. UX Designer, Blackboard Inc.                                                                                                                           01/13-01-14

  • Designed new features and redesigned existing functionality for Collaborate Mobile (iOS & Android)
  • Designed new features and redesigned existing features for Collaborate desktop client
  • Designed Web interfaces for account management and session creation
  • Designed Web client for Blackboard IM
  • Developed Personas, Scenarios and specifications for all Collaborate products
  • Conducted User Research, participated in customer-facing interactions


Product Designer, Tipbit (Contract)                                                                                                                    08/12-01/13

  • Designed newly-concepted product from the ground up
  • Designed on-brand experiences across all surfaces (PC, Tablet, Web, and Mobile)
  • Delivered IA, wireframes and high-fidelity mock-ups for app and marketing Website
  • Collaborating on brand development


UX/UI/Visual Designer, Amazon (Kindle Group Contract)                                                                      05/12-08/12

  • Designed Kindle Content Store experiences for Web, Mobile & Kindle devices (includes UI, information & visual design).
  • Participated in planning sessions for 2013-2014.


Freelance UX Designer, Filter Digital                                                                                                                  03/12-06/14

  • Created wireframes and interaction flows for a startup’s iPhone app.
  • Created interaction flows & visual mockups for an Xbox companion app.
  • Met with and presented to clients on a regular basis.
  • Designed in-dash UI that integrated traffic, calendar, contacts, and navigation data for INRIX.
  • Created all assets for all new in-dash INRIX UI.


Freelance UX Consultant, Rooster Park                                                                                                              03/12-06/12

  • Designed a data portal site/app for a startup (focused on large-scale IT management data.)
    • Created new Information Architecture for this large app, focusing on simplification.
    • Re-branded the product and created new visual design & guidelines.
    • Created all end-to-end Interaction and UX/UI Designs.


Senior UX Designer/Architect, Draftfcb                                                                                                               07/11-03/12

  • Introduced UCD and UX for digital projects to the agency.
  • Educated agency on the UX Design process and project cycle for Website/app design & production.
  • Designed Website for consumer-focused HP loyalty program (producing Scenarios, sitemap, interaction model, wireframes and comps).
  • Designed separate Website for enterprise-focused HP loyalty program (producing Scenarios, sitemap, interaction model, wireframes and comps).
  • Influenced loyalty program strategy from UX perspective.
  • Hired/managed freelance design and User Research resources.


User Experience PM II, Microsoft Corp.                                                                                                                 09/07-07/11

Digital Entertainment Team (Xbox Live)                                                                                                                09/10-07/11

  • Defined Social, Community & Rewards experiences that connects users with new content for Xbox app.
  • Defined identity experiences for PC entertainment client that draw customers to product marketplace.
  • Wireframed social Profile, “Friends” UX, Sharing & Avatar experiences that appear across the product.
  • Created experiences for and drove development of ratings, rewards and recommendations system.
  • Ensured revenue increase opportunities through user experiences that continually introduce customers to new media.
  • Managed internal partner relationships (Xbox console, Windows group, Web experiences groups, etc.).


Windows® Phone Messaging Team                                                                                                                          03/09-09/10

  • Created wireframes and other conceptual mockups for email and Visual Voicemail user experiences.
  • Created, wireframed, and drove the development of platform-wide Content Sharing solution and UI.
  • Defined and managed the development of Start menu experience for e-mail, SMS/MMS and IM.
  • Defined & managed the notifications experiences for e-mail, SMS/MMS and IM.
  • Led incubation teams to design concepts & experiences for upcoming releases; created hi-fidelity mockups of forward-thinking experiences.
  • Tracked all dependencies on partner teams; created a process to be used for future releases; acted as liaison between Communications team and all partner teams.
  • Managed branding relationships for all messaging; engaged with internal & external partners to obtain logo usage rights and get the right contracts in place.


Windows Mobile Shell team and Phone/ConnUX team                                                                                      09/07-03/09

  • Created graphics and mock-ups for software interaction models.
  • Responsible for creating initial setup/sign-in experiences that increase customer retention and overall product satisfaction (Out Of Box Experience/OOBE).
  • Redesigned Connectivity User Experiences for full-touch devices (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular data).
  • Managed vendor Software Engineers.
  • Drove integration of services and related apps throughout device platform.



Tools Used

Adobe Illustrator Microsoft Word HTML
Adobe Photoshop Microsoft PowerPoint CSS3
Adobe InDesign Microsoft Excel WordPress
Axure Microsoft Outlook Ableton