Oftentimes, this is where the magic begins. It’s rare that businesses have time to stop the train and evaluate the plethora of features they’ve added to existing apps or sites. And for most folks, this can be a mind-bogglingly overwhelming task.

That’s how you know you need a Ninja.

With over a 15 years of experience in content strategy, content management, and design, few could serve you better when it comes to digging through what you’ve worked so hard to build in order to extract what’s best and most important, and to reorganize your experiences so that they truly shine.

Artifacts from the IA process include Sitemaps, app maps, navigation models, and high-level interaction models.


It’s understandable that those in the tech industry are still confused about this term; it encompasses a lot of areas and means different things to different people.  For DesigNinja, UX Design is what makes your customers connect with your offerings on a cognitive level; it’s how they understand and learn how to interact with your products.

UX Design includes understanding your company, understanding the market and competition, and digging in to your roadmap. It means designing something that will wow your customers, your team is capable of building, and is scalable based on your future plans. It encompasses overall strategy (What is this app/site for? How do you want them to feel about your company?), user research (Who is the target customer? How do they think? What do they most respond to?), and interaction design (How will customers interact with your app or site? Will it be full of buttons and sliders or minimalistic?).

Artifacts from the UX process include detailed interaction models, wireframe specs of each screen & element thereof, and click-through flows that illustrate the details of how each interaction works.


Not sure where your product is headed? Feel even a tiny bit unsure about whether your product is appropriately targeted or well-planned? Grab a Ninja and go.

Almost a decade in Product Design and Management have equipped DesigNinja will rare insights and skills that will help you fine-tune your roadmap and overall product strategy. With a deep understanding of a widely varied set of customer personas and proven ability to accurately project where certain markets are going – as well as what’s most important to users in a given set of experiences – DesigNinja is uniquely able to help you get your product plans on track.

Artifacts from the Strategy process can include white papers, persona descriptions, scenarios, roadmap documentation, roadmap and process graphics, product descriptions. flow diagrams, and slide presentations.


Look and feel is a critical part of your overall product design. It’s the icing on the cake that helps deepen and solidify your customers’ emotional connection with your offerings. With an arsenal of knowledge of learning theory, color, current trends, and how visual style creates impressions, DesigNinja can put just the right finishing touches on your user interface.

Artifacts from the Visual Design process include high-fidelity mock-ups, redlines, icons, various visual assets, CSS3 code, and layered files if desired.


What if your Ninja gets kidnapped by thieves and no one at your company likes looking at wireframes? You need detailed documentation.

Well thought out, properly structured specifications and other documents provide your team with what they need in order to build out designs; they ensure accuracy in your product release and give your company something solid to refer to throughout the entire design and development process and thereafter.

Artifacts from the Documentation process include Scenario descriptions, Use Case lists, Swimlane docs (visual and verbal), Feature Briefs, and Functional Specifications.